Request A Drum Commission

Please take the time to read this text and fill out the answers in the contact form, it also will help you to connect with your future drum. (Ideally, you write this in a text editor and then paste it into the form at the end.)


1. What motif would you like on your drum? It could be an animal, plant, symbol, etc. No human bodies or faces :). Please let me know the main theme, and if you want perhaps a second, smaller symbol incorporated somewhere.


2. Do you have any color wishes? If you have certain main colors you'd like me to use, let me know. Otherwise I will choose the colors. Keep in mind I use markers, so I work with a limited color palette with under 40 color tones - see picture below.


3. What is your intention for this drum? What wishes and desires do you have when you imagine yourself working with this drum?


4. What country do you live in? / Your post address I will need this information to calculate your shipping costs. I am located in Germany and I ship my drums worldwide!



Please note that during the creation/birthing process, I don't do back and forth mailing, showing a sketch, getting feedback, making changes.

I communicate before creating and once everything is clear, I create in stillness. The finished drum artwork will be a surprise.

I will send you a photo of the drum before I mail it out.


Energy exchange

 starting at 500 € / 600 USD

+ shipping


I will be in touch with the exact price after you have contacted me with your wishes.



  • Shipping within EU: 20€ (Germany: 10€) | within EU usually arrives within a week
  • UK & other non EU-Countries in Europe: 30€ | usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • Shipping to US and Canada: 60€ / 70USD | usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive
  • Australia / NZ: 70€ / 115NZD | shipping time estimate 4-8 weeks
  • Other destinations: please ask for a quote

All parcels are mailed with DHL, come with a tracking number and are fully insured.


How to pay

Payments are made in advance via bank transfer (first choice) or Paypal. 

Please let me know which way of paying works for you 

Contact form

Please let me know what country you are residing in!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Give thanks & send me a love offering!

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