Available Artworks

(Vegan Fibreskyn Frame Drums by Remo)

Turn your home into a sanctuary! Energy coded artworks for your altar or wall


These artworks are painted on what  I call frame drum canvas - so yes, they are technically frame drums that can be played with your hands, or alternatively with a mallet. However, I am offering them as artworks to make your sacred space even more beautiful.


Why would you choose an artwork like this?

They have the exotic round shape that looks super unique, plus they do not stick out from the wall as much as the shaman drums. And if for some reason you do end up wanting to play them, you can! All artworks are varnished and protected.

(Mallet is NOT included with these)


Also you can also commission an artwork from me


Prices for artworks are negotiable. If an artwork is really speaking to your heart, but the prices are challenging for you, please reach out with a price offering that you feel comfortable with.



8 inch / 20cm artwork




200€ / 220 USD


Frangipani 8"

8 inch / 20cm artwork


Made to order within 1 week

Receive a similar one to the one in the picture


200€ / 220 USD


Frangipani 10"

10 inch / 25,5cm artwork


Made to order within 1 week

Receive a similar one to the one in the picture


250€ / 270 USD


Dreamtime Lotus

12 inch / 30,5cm artwork




300€ / 330 USD


Desert Rose

14 inch / 35,5cm artwork




350€ / 390 USD



16 inch / 40cm artwork




400€ / 440 USD


Green Sri Yantra

22 inch / 55cm artwork




550€ / 600 USD


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