Making of "The Poetry of Light and Dark" (2015), Germany

This CD is the essence of 13 years of songwriting. It includes a special collection of songs I have written over the last 3 years.


I spent a lot of time in my practice room and reworked the arrangements to give my voice more space. The basis of a new song I write very fast and intuitively but the fine tuning of text and arrangements is a process that frequently takes a few years.

Travis with the camera
Travis with the camera

The creation of the CD was a process beyond just music. After the first photoshoot the artwork of the CD became very important to me and I decided to make a booklet as well, using my own photography. The lyrics are very close to my heart, so I am glad I could bring them together with fitting images.


I am a graphic designer and I love to create beautiful things with a personal touch. 

My bookmark for you

A part of the special edition is a little reminder for everyday life. I designed a bookmark with two short quotes from the title track and an image card with a personal dedication. The message of this album is:


"Be brave, be truthful, grow wings and fly!"


I could have waited another 10 years before recording this CD and maybe it could have been even better. Every musician knows what I am talking about ...


But it is important that we get started using what we have, right here and now. We have to shift from dreaming to living our dreams, to start a project and keep doing it. This is what I did. Even when it was a giant mountain that seemed impossible to climb. I did climb it, step by step!


The Studio in the forest

I love the forest. That's why the wood cabin in the solitude of Wendland North Germany was just the right place to record my CD "The Poetry of Light and Dark." It has been clear for a while that I wanted to work with harpist and sound engineer Ralf Kleemann because I adore his music and appreciate his years of experience recording harps. He is a very easy-going person with a good sense of humor. While cutting the CD we laughed a lot, despite the deep lyrics. :)


Many months I spent in my practise room to get the music ready for the studio. I filmed this short documentation so you can have a look behind the scenes. For now, it is in German only, but I am planing to add subtiles later. Some people even tell me, they enjoy listening to me speaking german even though they don't understand a word :) There's still musical content in it so maybe you want to watch it anyway ...

About the lyrics

There are always more details to discover and I write my lyrics so that you can interpret them in many different ways. There is a diversity of stories in a single one. Eastern philosophy and practising the Chinese martial art Taijiquan have influenced my view on the world. 

I write about relationships, the magic of the eternal now, the impermanence of things, letting go, strength, truthfullness and the wonders of nature. It is about finding your way. A lot of times we are looking for somebody in the outside world to show us the way and forget our own strength. But it is there, all the time, sleeping in us. When we start to realize our own strength, we can climb the highest mountain!


In a world of duality we face strong contrasts. Yin and Yang. There is calm in the storm and storm in the calm. What is light, what is shadow? What if words fail us and there's nothing left but silent poetry? An indescribable moment of flow, everything merging and becoming one again.



I hope this CD inspires you to follow your own creative path.



All the best, Caro

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