The Poetry of Light and Dark

"Enchanting vocals and celtic harp hypnotically woven into fragile and haunting songs with profound lyrics."


CD "The Poetry of Light and Dark"

Celtic Harp and Song (2015)

  • 13 titles, total running time ca. 52 minutes
  • Crystalline / The Poetry of Light and Dark / Feathers / Sea of Possibilities / Song of Ends / The Crane Takes Flight / The Falcon and the Double-Edged Sword / Cycle / Gravity / The Golden Fan / Riversong / The Quiet Lands
  • finely finished environmentally friendly digipak printed on high quality recycling paper
  • including 16-page booklet with complete lyrics

CD "The Poetry of light and dark" Special Edition

  • 1 x CD "The Poetry of Light and Dark" 
  • 1 x bookmark (printed double-sided)
  • 1 x imagecard "Riverwings" (printed double-sided
  • 1 x postcard

30 $ incl. worldwide shipping

CDs will be shipped from Germany - this is my old home where I kept my stock of CDs before I moved to New Zealand. My mother takes care of the orders and mails them priority. If you order from Europe, your CD usually arrives within 3-7 business days, in the USA and Canada it should arrive in 6-10 business days.

You can also order from CDBaby (but without the gimmicks).

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Making of "the Poetry of light and dark"


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