"Enchanting vocals and celtic harp hypnotically woven into fragile and haunting songs with profound lyrics."


CD "The Poetry of Light and Dark"

Celtic Harp and Song (2015)

  • 13 titles, total running time ca. 52 minutes
  • Crystalline / The Poetry of Light and Dark / Feathers / Sea of Possibilities / Song of Ends / The Crane Takes Flight / The Falcon and the Double-Edged Sword / Cycle / Gravity / The Golden Fan / Riversong / The Quiet Lands
  • finely finished environmentally friendly digipak printed on high quality recycling paper
  • including 16-page booklet with complete lyrics

CD "The Poetry of light and dark" Special Edition

  • 1 x CD "The Poetry of Light and Dark" 
  • 1 x bookmark (printed double-sided)
  • 1 x imagecard "Riverwings" (printed double-sided
  • 1 x postcard

30 $ incl. worldwide shipping

CDs will be shipped from Germany - this is my old home where I kept my stock of CDs before I moved to New Zealand. My mother takes care of the orders and mails them priority. If you order from Europe, your CD usually arrives within 3-7 business days, in the USA and Canada it should arrive in 6-10 business days.

You can also order from CDBaby (but without the gimmicks).

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Making of "the Poetry of light and dark"


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