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Hello beautiful soul!

If you are new to my (art)work, I invite you to take a moment and check out my introduction page first. It creates a lovely energy of knowing the background behind my sacred creations. 

There are two ways do buy an artwork from me:


It is important to me that my artworks go to a place where they are truly cherished.

Please get in touch with me to negotiate an energy exchange that feels good to both of us.


Alternatively, you can also just go ahead and purchase them for the regular price in my ArtPal Shop: https://www.artpal.com/carolinnobles


And here comes my selection of available artworks that are looking for their new home!



Shining LOTUS


The lotus grows from the mud. It is a symbol for spiritual growth and evolution, revered in many cultures.

Beautiful pink lotus flower with background in gold.


40x40cm (16x16 inch) watercolor on canvas




Please get in touch



Shining ROSE


Beautiful pink rose with golden background


40x40cm (16x16 inch) watercolor on canvas




Please get in touch with your price suggestion




The Golden Light


This intuitive artworks represents the golden light, source energy. It is your invitation into communion with the Divine and remember your true nature.


This artwork is from 2022, so it is in a different style than my current artworks. It has been my most precious artwork ever created.


50x50cm (ca 20x20 inch)

acrylic paint on canvas


Please get in touch




Sri Yantra with Gayatri Mantra


This stunning piece of art has a golden background, golden sanskrit letters for the Gayatri mantra and the Sri Yantra on the inside.


40x40cm (16x16 inch) watercolor on canvas




Please get in touch with your price suggestion




Cosmic Ohm


This is an artwork that will connect you with the cosmic sound "ohm" and the chakras.


40x40cm (16x16 inch) acrylic paint on canvas, gold leaf




Please get in touch with your price suggestion


Devotional Art

Gayatri Mantra

Size: 20x20cm (7.9x7.9in)

Little Shiny Lotus

Size: 20x20cm (7.9x7.9in)


Size: 18x24cm (7.1x9.4in)


A new ideas has come to me - offering small size devotional artworks for people. These artworks will be created several times in a meditative setting, infused with deep love and reverence for life, and as each one is hand painted, each one will be unique.


They are meant to be framed - but the frame is not included in my offering. You best find a fitting frame in your country.


55 USD each


May these artworks inspire you and connect you with spirit.



If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. With your donation you will help me move forward with my Youtube channel and other projects. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation! 


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