Phoenix Rising - Your Custom Channeled Artwork & Healing Song Deluxe Package

Your channeled custom artwork + healing song provides you with an original piece of art, uniquely received for you. You can meditate on your soul codes every day, diving into their healing qualities whenever you desire to. It is a true quantum upgrade for your ascension journey with exactly the light codes & symbols that aid you most at this time and space.


In addition to the artwork, you will also receive a personal channeled light language healing song to make this experience even more multidimensional for you, stimulating both your visual and auditory senses. Imagine this - sinking into your personal artwork while listening to your personal soul song at the same time! The artwork and the song are complimentary and amplify each other.


This package is powerful, exquisite and beautiful! For this reason, I only offer a limited amount of custom artworks so I can fully give everything for these healing creations! 


You receive:

  • Email consultation I see, feel and hear you as you set your intention for this soul activation healing artwork and let me know what you want to create / clear. Alternatively you can let me follow my guidance and channel what wants to come through for you.
  • I tune into your energy, see your true nature and your highest potential. I create a healing field that works beyond space and time. I receive and transmit the information that serves you best to support you on your journey.
  • I draw your artwork. You receive your original custom channeled artwork on premium paper mailed to your home anywhere on the planet.
  • I receive and record your channeled healing song, then edit the recording and convert it to handy MP3 file format and send it to you via email so you can take it anywhere you go - experience your sound medicine at the comfort of your home or outdoors in nature! You can always come back to your recording, it will be there for you. 
  • Optional email conversation after you have received your artwork and listened to your sound healing recording. Here you can share your experience with me or ask further questions.  

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