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Carolin Nobles is a singer & sound healer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She works with source energy and sound to create a healing field for body, mind and soul.

She studied at the Lichtenberger Institute for Applied Physiology of the Voice in Germany and combines her background in functional voice training with her own, intuitive approach to singing and expressing herself to empower people to sing their song.


Sound Healing Journey

Healing Voice | Celtic Harp | Koshi Chimes | Native Flute | Shaman Drum & more

Carolin sings healing music for you while you are resting in a comfortable position either sitting or laying down. She uses her voice, celtic harp, koshi chimes, native flute, singing bowls, shaman drum, sansula and others.

A sound healing journey is an invitation for you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and to dive deep into the essence of your being. Enter the state where the mind is quiet and connect to your essence, your soul. It is a deeply nourishing and transforming experience.


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CD - The Poetry of light and dark

"Enchanting vocals and celtic harp hypnotically woven into fragile and haunting songs with profound lyrics."



Carolin Nobles, Singer & Sound Healer

113 Duncan Terrace,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand


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