Some personal things about me

  • I adore felines. I share my house with a beautiful grey Chartreuse - Cairo - that decided to move in with me. She hangs here every day as her owners are working full time and this 12 year old lady, she demands cuddles, all the time. We are best friends.
  • I love Star Trek. I am interested in deep conversations from god to black holes in space. Whatever the topic is, I wanna go deep.
  • I have some connection with Asia, especially Japan. I love japanese food and music and find the language very pretty. One of my favourite movies is the Ghibli movie Spirited Away. Must have had a past life there or two. :)
  • Hawaii is my favorite place on this planet. Oh god, the smell of the Frangipani flower makes me melt!
  • I am passionate. Like the kind of passionate I sometimes skip eating and sleeping because I am so fascinated with creating / working. And I am a perfectionist... Yeah, I just dropped the bomb! :)
  • I love being with people, but as an empath I also need lots of alone time & space. So a typical friday night is me throwing a party with my cat or editing some videos for my Youtube channel. Or journaling. 

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