My Instruments

Here I will show you some of my instruments in detail. The collection is always growing and evolving so as soon as I try to take photos, new instruments find their way into my place! 


On my wish list is a 28" Paiste Symphony Gong and a set of crystal singing bowls. Plus it would be fun to own a big celtic harp and a metal string harp (clearsach). But really, I am so blessed with what I have that I am grateful for my instruments every day. Especially for my voice that I can carry with me anywhere.


Celtic HArp

Lewis Creek Jessie

My small harp is a Lewis Creek Jessie from De Troubadour Harpen Delft, NL - they ship their harps worldwide. It is a therapy harp with a very special and gentle sound.


She has 27 nylon strings, is 80cm tall and weighs about 3kg. She follows me everywhere, I even take her to all of my concerts and festivals. She is the best sounding travel harp I know.


Camac T Kadiou

My big harp is a 34 string T Kadiou by Camac. 


She weighs 8 kg, is 1,25 m tall with a very low string tension and a full, warm bass. She has a full octave more then my travelharp, so I can play extended patterns in the bass. 


This harp stayed with my Mom in Germany after I relocated to New Zealand.


Why do I play the celtic harp?


First: These harps are easy to transport. I used to play piano ... It is hard to bring that into the forest!
Second: They are easy to learn but hard to master. I enjoy working with the limitations of this instruments, making the best of what is possible. 

Native FluteS

The native flute is an instrument that has the ability to touch us deeply. I am especially in love with the deep notes, so I play a bass flute. It is a grandfather flute in B by The Southern Cross Flutes - best instrument I have ever had!


In the background you see my small flute in the key of A.

Koshi chimes

The Koshi are bamboo chimes from France that have the most beautiful sound that I have found in chimes worldwide. They come in 4 different tunings - fire, water, earth and air (ignis, aqua, terra, aria). I own a complete set and display them on a gong stand.

They are very soothing for sound journeys.


I play a Hokema Sansula which is a very nice version of a kalimba (thumb piano) with a resonance body. With this instrument you can create meditative sound carpets for people to relax. I have my Sansula Renaissance tuned to Heavenly A tuning - quite beautiful!

Singing bowls

I have a little collection of singing bowls, some antique, some modern ones. I'd love to have some crystal singing bowls as well in the future!

Shaman Drum

I play a shaman drum by David Roman Drums - they have an innovative air tuning system. Also they are very high quality and beautifully crafted instruments. It is really fun to go outside with the drum to the forest and drum there and connect with the elements of nature! Highly recommended!

Small Percussion

I also have a little collection of rattles, shakers, a rainstick and other small percussion instruments. Plus I am always looking for some nice little instruments to add to my collection!


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