Completion Story of Dreamtime Rose Compass Drum


So this morning, when I woke up, we had a little talk with my dreamtime rose drum:


-Do you want to be white, or do you want to be red?


-I want to remain white.


-I understand. Mh... You know, red would pop more.


-It is not always about popping or being the loudest. My keeper will appreciate my purity and innocence. I do not need to be anything other than I am not.


-And still I feel you are unfinished somehow, like a part of a canvas that has not been touched.


-Look closer. Can you see the invitation I am giving you?


-I am seeing a little spot .... oh, I see. You want to be filled with just a little bit of color there!


-Yes! That is it. A bit of color, but remaining mostly untouched and pure and letting the fibreskin shine through.


-Just a shade of pastel pink. That will be it. The spot caught my attention and I feel it in my heart. Thank you for being patient with me.


-Thank you for listening how I want to be brought into the world.


The energy feels complete now. I charged her this morning in rainbow light. I feel such joy about this new way of bringing drums into life. My whole relationship with it has changed. I've been doing it for so many years, yet I was tired and depressed and I could barely function. Now I am full of life force energy and feel like a child again, waiting to explore and unravel the mystery that each drum has.

And they got so potent now, through this sacred dialogue with spirit, with doing what I feel rather than what I think I should do.



Completion of Dreamtime Cosmic Snake Drum


-You are not done yet.


As I was fading into sleep, a voice spoke to me.


It was the drum speaking to me. She told me that she was not complete yet, and that I had to follow her instructions how she wanted to be painted.


I had already painted the black snake with a golden background.

But apparently, there was more to be added.


I was a bit hesistant.

I have finished off with gold already. It is very difficult to paint over metalic gold.


She didn't seem to care.

But insisted, that she wasn't ready. I could feel it. 


So, what do you need?


She spoke to me in images in my mind. I saw the image of the vesica pisces. Ah. And red. A red vagina, an opening into the cosmic womb.

I saw codes, in white.


I knew this would be many more hours of work, and difficult work, as the markers need to be cleaned all the time, as they mix again with the gold.


But I followed, and after many, many hours, I could see why.


I could feel the activation, the radiance. Such a difference to before!


-Yes, now I am ready to go into the world.


Thank you! I was grateful to be connected to the other world. That everything holds to potential to speak to me.


-Thank you for listening. Many don't listen anymore.


She might not be perfect but she is powerful. She carries a spirit activation in her.



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