Embracing the shadow


Dark night of the soul - I know what it is like.


I have been there. Being an empath, dealing with loneliness, suicidal thoughts, loss of loved ones, disease, trauma, depression, feeling disconnected to my body, struggling with wild anxiety... you name it.

My life has been challenging and I've been on the spiritual path for 17 years now.


The usual response from other people (and myself) to what I was experiencing was to not put any attention to it and to get over it. Think positive thoughts and you will attract the life of your dreams. I have tried positive thinking for over a decade and it has led to some sort of spiritual bypassing of what was really going on in my subconscious mind. Positive focus is great, unless you want to escape from something you don't want to feel - I really resonate with Teal Swan here. So what was the way out?


Things started to change when I stopped trying so hard to feel better or to get over it. Healing happened when I fully acknowledged my feelings, embraced all aspects of me, surrendered to my life purpose and then I started to see everything that has happened to me as my teacher and an opportunity to grow. But it took a while and lots of patience to get to this point.

Thankfully, I've been blessed to have worked with powerful teachers, shamans and healers from all over the world so I could grow spiritually and pass on what I have been given. I offer you my compassion, my guidance, my support for your spiritual journey.

Own your beautiful uniqueness. Embrace your imperfections. 

Dance the dance between LIGHT and DARK. Remember: You are everything! 

A wonderful soul made out of SOUNDS and stardust. 

On your SACRED JOURNEY, you are never alone. 

Dare to trust and let go. 

Be brave, be truthful, 

grow wings and 


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