Soul Art

Returning to the childlike joy of creation

I've always been fascinated with signs, symbols and exotic looking alphabets from other cultures. As a child I would draw magical things and play with secret languages and codes that I created - and who can say if we create it or draw these creations from other realms? Every thought and idea we have could be seen as channeled.

I lost my innocent approach to simply create from the heart along the road when I tried to do art like the grown-ups do. I hold a Diploma in Fine Arts but hadn't touched a pen since my graduation. All of my joy had been totally drained by the academic art world with it's do's and don'ts. I wasn't allowed to draw flowers or animals or things that would make me feel good as that would be "kitsch" and not meaningful art. So I stopped. I though I was done with art and totally switched my focus to music for the next couple of years. Which was cool as music is a big passion of mine as well. But deep inside, I felt incomplete... I felt like I had lost part of my soul.


Until the day came when I could feel the art wanting to come back online. My soul was nudging me. She was whispering into my ears:


"Draw me. Explore me. Give me a shape, give me a form. Make me alive."



I could feel my heart beating in excitement, but at the same time, it was intimidating me. It felt like climbing a mountain and I would not even dare to try. I had all these ideas on what kind of art I would have to make and how complex and perfect it had to be and then my inner guidance had other plans. I started seeing these light language codes everywhere and was deeply fascinated by them. So I dared to let them through. I would simply start with a pen on white paper and draw symbols, signs, codes, without letting the mind engage at all.


And then the reaction of other people blew me away. I got such positive feedback on that people felt deeply touched and the art looked familiar to them somehow, like "home" - plus the first people wanted to buy originals or order their own unique custom soul artwork! Like so often on my path, I haven't made this up or planned it. Things simply flowed like this and I was riding a wave of joy and creation.


Now I feel like a kid again, experimenting with different materials, both traditional and digital - it was no accident after all that I also trained as a graphic designer! I draw light codes, spirits, animals, nature... And I want to touch people's hearts with my art and make them feel like they are supported.

So the childlike awe and joy of creation has returned for me and I am excited to be guiding people into creating their own art as well.


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