Expressing your true self & living in alignment with your soul

Hey, beautiful soul. Do you know what is amazing?


You are an eternal soul and you are not here to play small.

You are here to shine your light and share your gifts.

You are here to embody your divine essence on earth. 


And you are here to enjoy the ride! The purpose of life is love and joy. Expansion. Making experiences. Being childlike and innocent and in awe of life and creation. That is who you are.


Many of us feel disconnected. We stumble through life and feel like something is missing. We want to find it, yet we don’t even know what it is. Money, success, fame, the approval from other people... We think, it must be somewhere out there. 


What we really long for is the reconnection with our soul, with our essence.

We long to feel home. And we CAN feel home.


The true you

Behind a lot of old beliefs, "should's" and "shouldn'ts", behind the mask, there is who you really are and what you really desire.

Miracles happen once you get in touch with that!


I remind you of your true nature, your soul essence.

I help you find your joy, your purpose and how to embrace your full spectrum of being human so you can bring your gifts into the world. 


I believe the most sacred gift to yourself is your own love, knowing who you are and what your purpose is. 

One with your soul, you are joyful. You radiate strength, compassion and clarity.

You dance through life, being divinely guided. You embrace the challenges that arise as invitations for expansion and growth.


Embrace the poetry of light and dark.

Embrace your raw, authentic, vulnerable human-ness.


I will hold sacred space for you. Your crisis is not an accident. It is an invitation to dive deep.

It is an invitation to readjust your life and let go of what no longer serves you.


How would it feel like to be supported with comfort, clarity and strength for your soul's path?

Let's find out. I’d be honoured to be your guide. 

Receive and create healing music

An ancient language of the heart. Healing songs from spirit for you.

I have the ability to receive songs from spirit. I sing in an ancient language the mind cannot grasp. It is giving space to that raw, pure aspect of yourself, reminding you who you truly are. Your heart will understand. It is all about the vibration of the sounds, stripped of any meaning. Songs without story. You can fully focus on your own inner landscapes.

I have found great joy in creating personal channeled Sound Healing Recordings for people all over the world to support them on their spiritual journey.


Reconnect to your soul in the healing field.

During a sound healing session, I tap into a flow state, creating the healing field where everything is seen as it is from soul state - perfect and whole. To assist the energy work, I let the music flow through me which helps strengthening the healing field. This comes from a space that is bigger than me - it is divinely guided by spirit! I am deeply humbled and grateful to be doing this service in 1:1 Sessions, Sound Healing Recordings and events


My tools are my voice, native american flutes, shaman drum, koshi chimes and many others. 

Find out more about the instruments I play and what makes them special!


Are you ready to create your own healing music?

I also teach people how to do what I do. It cannot be forced but will naturally happen when you are willing and ready. Being in personal contact with me can be an activation for your own abilities to come through.

Plus I offer guidance for those who want to share sound healing with the world and would like some support with anxiety, worthiness and all these questions that arise when you step out of your comfort zone to shine your light.


Heal yourself and others!

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