The mission. Ignited by love.

I love people deeply. I know people’s struggle and strangely - it only amplifies my love as it makes me see purpose in this. We experience growth, together. We learn and teach each other.


So something really remarkable happened. Someone approached me for a session. After all the messy stuff I had confessed (on FB) the last two days. And I go into deep dive quite frequently and this has attracted someone. Not pushed them away.

I feel honored that someone trusts me and sees my sharing as an invitation to dive into their own depth. There is a message in this. Being seen and accepted as I am. And this is hugely powerful. The deep knowing that this is the path. This is not weakness, it is strength. Making the unconscious conscious.

It connects me with love again. What was the love for the mission all about? It is serving from love. Not from having to save or fix anyone but from deep love for these beings and sharing a sacred presence for them to discover their own divine being blossoming into this world.


I know the feeling of home, soul state and I know well the deep despair of the human existence. I know contrast like not many others do. In the embrace of love, it all falls into place. I see through illusion. I create worlds. I navigate dimensions and I retrieve information from there. All that stuff, well, it is my unique ability to help others. Off course I have my own work to do and even this process of being transparent as much as I can is service already. I tend to forget. It is so easy, just words that flow through. You have no idea how insanely fast I type this down, too fast to even overthink it. This is easy. It is just words. Yet it carries a transmission of what is real.


The deep conversations that happen and sessions that flow, this awakens my love. My heart opens. I love people deeply. I know people’s struggle, oh, I know struggle so well and strangely enough, it only amplifies my love as it makes me see purpose in this. We experience growth, together. We learn and teach each other.

It’s been a deep dive and my body is so exhausted I cannot be resistant anymore. I get it. It is about embracing whatever arises with love. It is not the pain that is the problem, as for pain held in love will resolve into love. Pain met with resistance and blame and rage and anger lowers the frequency and brings forth or intensifies suffering.

So it is our response to the world. Can we love, unconditionally? Can we love deeper than ever? Sometimes, I can. And sometimes, I can’t. I am German. I am used to growing up in a very harsh environment with grandparents that have been deeply traumatized by war. I might share some of the terrors later. Or not. What is relevant is whatever tool or path or method brings you in alignment with your self-love, with being ok what is and trusting the process. It is not about the action itself on the physical dimension, but about the energetic layer beyond that. How do you feel when you do xyz? You can make yourself a cup of tea and deeply support yourself or hate the act of having to boil water for it. Actions don’t have a meaning. You give them meaning.

This is interesting and rough training. I never wanted to be a shaman, but I am. Can I love myself for that? Can I sit with the disappointment of not fitting in, of not being like everyone else? Can I be okay with that people will think I am crazy? Can I love them enough to allow them their own free thoughts about this? Can I trust in my love and knowing that I was created and created myself to be this way, here on this time and space?

Things start to make sense.


The mission. Ignited by love. This is the counterbalance to deep suffering. Deep love. Power. It will either destroy me or make me really, really powerful. And I want to make an impact here. I want to be a love bomb and dream this new earth into being. We are all part of this. So let’s cultivate what is raw, real and true and see each other as we are, will all our beautiful imperfections, our true being with all the aspects that make us human. Through the good and bad. We are the people. We are everything. And loved in endless ways.


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