What should I do? Radically follow your bliss!

WHAT SHOULD I DO? The answer came in quite clearly.

“Radically follow your bliss!”

It is what spirit said. And it is not what your parents or society tell you. There are certain actions that seem smart and safe and trusting is huge. Can we trust in the intelligence of the universe, can we trust in ourselves?


The more I walk this path, the more clear it gets.

Your actions don’t matter. The question “What should I do?” becomes more and more obsolete. It is about the frequency underneath your actions. How you feel. How you vibrate. What you radiate.

Do something you love. You radiate love. You are joyful.

Do something you don’t enjoy and you are resentful and unsatisfied. You know something is off. Emotional guidance system doing its job to keep you in alignment with your HS.

If you chose what you don’t like, you’ll radiate at a lower frequency. And then, draw more of that stuff into your life. And pass it on.

If you keep ignoring your inner voice, your nudges, your feelings, your guidance system might even shut down. If you don’t use it, it becomes “weaker”. You disconnect from your heart, your feelings, you turn into a zombie to just cope with life. But in fact, you’re more dead that alive.

I get that for some of you, it might be really, really hard to follow your bliss when there is pressure, when there are agreements made, when you feel like you will crumble. And maybe your old life would crumble and that would be overwhelming. Some people are radical and jump and others are more comfortable with little steps. There is no one-fits-all. 

In my experience radical was often the way for me, with a willingness to totally surrender. Be ready to die before you die.

But in my heart, I am a rebel, I am intense and I am equipped with immense strength. I just didn’t see this for decades. I thought I am weak for not fitting into the system. Now I know how strong I was for not fitting in! I am going to bring forth change. I am going to lead people.


The heck with conditioning and being a good girl and stuff. The love for my mission burns down the obstacles.

Yeah, sometimes I still get scared and I wonder how to climb this mountain but I keep going. I know this is it, I know, know, know. There’s strength in knowing your purpose. It is a true fuel. <3


So, wherever you are… I encourage you to dare to jump. And if you can’t jump yet, do little steps. Do what you can do now. Be easy on yourself. You are loved. Heard. Seen. No matter what you do. You can mess up all the way. And you can’t get it wrong. It’s a game of consciousness.

Thanks for being here! I love you.


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