I see your beautiful soul's light in the darkness

I got to do a Skype session with a woman who is going through a very dark journey. She was shaking and crying and opening up and told me what she is going through and with each word, I loved her more. I saw myself in her. I know this well, beloved soul. Oh, I know your pain. I know this. So brave you are. So brave.

Last night, I had dreamt about doing a session with holding space for a woman…

And guess what. It JUST happened!

She told me she is loosing weight and other things and I just knew, she wants to die. And I asked her. And she cried and said yes. “Yes. How do you know?” I just do. And I didn’t make her wrong for wanting to. I just loved her. I saw her. So brave. Such a lovely expression of god.

And somehow, I witnessed, words came through me. I didn’t think of what to say it just came to me. 


And at the end of the session, this woman who was shaking, in tears, in panic was smiling. I kid you not. She was clear. She said: “I want to live.” And she said thank you. And I was so moved, this goes soul deep, beyond words.


Am I done with my own journey, am I finished? No. Will I ever be? Chances are, no. Can I hold space? Hell yes I can! Do I love this? Oh yes, I do. My heart is overflowing with love and joy. A deep feeling that this is right. Spirit called me to do this and I am doing this. 

Oh wow. Oh wow. Deep awe. Deep love.

I didn't know it is possible to feel THIS fulfilled and grateful. No, this has to be a dream. Unreal. Yet this is my real dream and as real as it gets.


I got to do another call on the weekend and yet it doesn't feel like work. Guiding a soul from a state of being stuck to remembering their life purpose, it is remarkable. It touches me so, so deeply. And the funny thing is, there is nothing to know, nothing to proove, nothing to fix or change or do. I sit, I listen. I love. When another speaks of their pain, when they share their struggle, I turn inward and feel inside of my own heart, my own body. And I simply love it. This me, this you. 

And at some point, I say things. And they are exactly what the other person needed to hear. I don't think, I just flow. No need to wrack my brain with what to say, what to do, what would be the best now. No. Stillness. Presence. Calmess. Love. I am not doing anything, but I am BEING everything. 


I feel like I have found my life purpose with this. For real. I will give talks in front of groups, I will guide people 1:1 and I will have a retreat center where people can come and find support on their awakening journey.


Chronic disease, depression, trauma, dark night of the soul, all just labels for beautiful brave souls who have come here to shed an old skin and bring their true divine nature to this planet and build a new earth.


This is so much bigger than me. No drain, no struggle, no effort. It is flow. It is supported. 


And still, sometimes I wonder: How the heck will I get there, on stage and where will I find that center where I will shine my light? Have I lost my mind? Maybe. Lol.

But I have found something so profound and big and I have come this far. I have deep faith I will get there. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am this, this is my mission, my calling, my joy and my love. To create, to express myself authentically and to just be me and flow with my spirits guidance. Thank you! 


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