You can do anything you want!

This is a very empowering blog post. You can do anything you want, my love!

This is about following what we truly love and how then miracles happen.

The universe is supporting this. Seriously. Want proof? Here it is:


It is the 5th day in a row of receiving money. Every. Single. Day. Money coming in! In various ways. Random money on my bank account from my german relatives who decided to send me some (wow!). Client bookings. Donations. CD sales. Wow! I wouldn't believe this if I didn't have living proof of this!


It does have to do with the frequency I sent out. With self-love. With feeling worthy, with allowing that stream in. With handling that energy stream in. I deserve this and so I do! Direct reflection.

Universe be like: Yeah, keep going girl. We got your back! :)


Sometimes the universe doesn't give back exactly the way I think it "should be".

Like: "Oh, you need to schedule xyz coaching sessions / sell this many CDs / do this many events to make this much money". No. It comes in many fun ways. Diversity. I feel so supported. All I do is just enjoy what I do. I play. I know I am serving people and I love it. AND let go of the things that aren't fun or calling me. It is EFFORTLESS. The right words just come, ideas come, visions come. I am not working hard. I am playing with grace and ease. I didn't believe this was possible. It is.


You know, I love writing these posts and I love making my videos, I could do this kinda thing all day long. And yet I used to think: "Ohhhh, BUT, you are a musician, you need to play harp and sing. Keep at your music, your talent. That is what people want."


And I was miserable. Because I love music. But not all day long. Then I get bored and wanna do other stuff.

Like consciousness dive. Like THIS, here, with you guys reading and getting energy updated through my words that I seem the channel from some other dimension. Or from my heart. Or both. (Or what if the other dimension was my heart?) Anyway...


This is it, I allow myself to live my passion. Not what I think I should do or what I think people want from me.

Truth is, they want nothing from me but me to be happy as this frequency is potent, powerful, healing and inspiring. I could crochet shoelazes or sell candy with fried bugs in them (that is so a thing!) and people would love it if I love it.

So, let's just do what we want, what we truly love. Beyond limitations.


There is a tool that is always available to us. Ask yourself this:


What if this all was mere a dream and you could do ANYthing you wanted?

And now guess what. It IS a dream. And you CAN do anything your heart desires.


Let that sink in! Wow. How does that feel. Pretty good. Right? Yeah. I thought so. :)


You know what? I trusted. I deeply trusted. Even before I had the full sum for the Reconnective Healing Level 1 course I booked it. That course, it felt so joyous, so juicy. Fun time. I just wanted to do it. There was no "should I or shouldn't I..." It was crystal clear. I. Want. To. Do. This. And I will! I had about half the money together that had come in miracoulus ways - and "borrowed" the rest. KNOWING it will come in. Not just believing or asking for it, but KNOWING this is right, with every fibre of my being. Appears I was right. Yes!


So, lovely ones... I am in awe of the support we get once we are on alignment with our soul's path.


What actions are you taking today to get more in alignment with your soul's purpose? Let me know!


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