Meeting source / light / god and bringing back a message

Been to the portal of life and death and back yesterday. One word? WOW. (Is wow even a word, lol?! It now is! ) So what has happened?! Many things. This message I bring is mind blowing, a little read that is SO WORTH IT, promise! Skip the first half if you want to dive right in! 



One of my guides has led me to a healer which has led me to a book which has led me to something beyond comprehension. When I first encountered Reconnective Healing, I had thought: Oh, another popular thing. Sounds like miracle healing. Oh yeah, sure… Stay away from that stuff.

But. I kept seeing this again. After the third time, I thought: Ok, I will look into what it actually is. I will read the book. And from page one, I have been pulled into this book. This rarely happens. You read a book and you have to stop every few pages, because it so deeply resonates with you that the tears come and run. The truth, I recognize it. Truth. True resonance.

And even as the story seems unbelievable, I read on. And something happens with me. I am activated by words that I read. Yeah, sounds crazy. Impossible. Yet there is this very tangible feeling of - ok. It is my FELT reality.

So what is so special about the book? It is honest. It is funny. I see myself in it. It says “I don’t know” a lot of times, referring to “how does it work, what is it, where did it come from”. It’s authentic. We don’t need the tools, the techniques, the rituals. Just get out of the way of the natural forces.

And another sentence hit me to the core. You are good enough just as you are. And I could feel it. This is it, what I struggled with. The pain in my spine, in my core. The belief of I am fundamentally flawed. I need to change, get a degree, become better in many ways.


The sentence itself, I have seen that on FB posts or in books, but in this book, it rang true. And I cried and I released that belief. Instead of looking how imperfect I am I saw my own perfection. You know, you’ve studied life the hard way 33 years. And yet: Never ready, never enough. I decided to be good enough as I am.

And I had three dreams during the time of reading the book. The first dream was a feeling of being updated, activated. In a very, very physical way. I could feel stuff moving around. My cells being repaired.

The second dream was the one I had shared with you - being grateful for life beyond measures - inside my dream. Very physical again.

The third one happened after I applied a reconnective healing on myself and I felt something I haven’t felt before. It is different from Reiki and all the other things I have done before. It is beyond words…



So I went to this healer, I had a real RH session with her to see for myself. At first nothing happened and I thought: Oh well. Maybe I just don’t feel it. But then. I. WAS. BLOWN! I was taken to the portal of life and death, to source itself. I saw and felt and inhaled the golden light, my light, my souls light. OMFG!!! The words don’t do it justice. This feeling of love, peace, bliss, and yet strength. Knowing. Truth, the golden essence of my purpose and my calling. Oh my god. Oh my god!!! I thought, you can have an intense experience like this only on psychedelic drugs, but - I just had it there. Intense, yet not unpleasant. I was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

My guide helped me out of my “body-suit” and I felt the full size of my soul. I was this light. I radiated so brightly. And I could just laugh about all the things I had been held back by. There was huge awe of life, of the gift we have been given. And we are so blessed and so loved, you have no idea. And all wants and needs and desires fell away. All I wanted was to live my purpose. Be love. Be light. Anchor this on earth.

This has given me a boost of tremendous strength. I have been reminded. I have FELT it with every cell of my body. I am the eternal soul, having a human experience.

A short break from the density of being human. Oh, that was such a blessing to SEE. To FEEL. To have it confirmed, the juicy stuff you read about it but never really “get” it.

After my session, I was filled with laughter and joy. Childlike. I felt so light. Life was fun. We dance, we play, we learn, we serve each other. It’s a divine playground!


Grateful - a new sense of grateful that permeates through all layers of my existence. Oh dear god, thank you. Thank you for my life, for everyone’s life. For my loved ones. For my enemies. For those who love me enough to play the villains. For this whole playground. Wind, water rain, sun. Cats and candy bars. I understand. I deeply bow before you and celebrate you, life. Creator. Me. Light. Love. Creator.

So that is where I am at now.


I do hope some of this seeps through to you as you read my words. I am here to serve. To guide people back to their soul. With sacred sound. With words. With coaching. With other healing modality. With my presence that brings forth truth.

I am excited to be here with you, at this time. Let’s make the new world a felt reality! 


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