Joy is the purpose

Dear life, you have become magical to me. You have made me fallen in love with you. And I fall in love with you, every day again and again.

Where there once was despair and anxiety there is now a silent joy and peace. There is something radiating within me. The song of being alive! I daily hike up the hill and sit in the forest where I play my flute and sing my sacred songs for the earth and me. I create a healing field and bathe in it, sometimes accompanied by the Tui bird that is always close.

I pray in front of my portal and strengthen my connection to source and myself. I receive downloads and I am so divinely guided! Life has become beautiful and exquisite. Answers flow and flow and I bless whatever I meet with love. I long for an even deeper connection and to be of service. I want to be this vessel that brings whatever is needed for this planet.


Today the wind has whispered into my ear that I will travel and set my life up for this in a light way. My destination is unknown, but I hear spirit calling me. May my own heart and essence be my home. May my light be my home and all the people I meet on my new old path, may they thrive and receive love and joy as well. For joy is the purpose. Love and joy is the purpose. Thank you! 


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