I am sorry for your pain - A letter from your higher self

“I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I know it sucks to make this experience, but what if bad was actually good from a higher perspective? 


What if you were not here to have a big mission but to embody love, as much as possible?




Let me tell you, without the air and the winds and waters and earth you would not be here. Yet all of this is here. There are even people taking care of you so you have everything you need, which is just one thing - abundance. 

You insist that life has to be a certain way, that you need to make a certain amount of money and live on your own without help - is that really how it is?


What if life is not here to have a big mission but to be love, as much as possible?


It starts with yourself. Can you love yourself, no matter what and be gentle with yourself and then when you feel stable enough still challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself and do whatever love would do in that moment? Look at the small things of life. A kind smile to a stranger, a short talk to a friend, sharing beauty and art with the world. That is valuable. 


You do not have to save the world, but save yourself. Which means holding yourself in love whenever you need to. You will radiate love and that is how everything falls into place without saving the world, without fixing anything. Calm down, relax, let go. Surrender.

Especially on days when you feel sick and dizzy. What can you do? Push through it harder (the old way), or just let go, accept this is going to be a day of rest, sleeping, surfing the internet, taking a slow walk in nature. You do not lose or waste time like this, you add time and value if you are in a state of acceptance and peace, no matter the circumstances. What is wrong about silence and emptiness? It is winter for a plant, until it one day starts to bloom again. Those are natural cycles and rhythms.


You feel like you did nothing but can’t you see how much you did already, how many layers you shed and how far to your own core you have come? You can be proud of yourself. 


About your question what to do every day, trust in that you will know when the time comes. For now it is simply getting better, recovering, finding a routine again that suits you, eating good food, taking care of your body, exercising, studying healing, reading books, talking with people, going into the spirit realm for additional healing sessions.


It will not be like this for the rest of your life, I promise. You will find inspiration and strength again, it is only hard to see when your mind is clouded and you feel like you live in a dark place all the time. It is not true. It is just a temporary down experience only to slingshot you back into the light. This transformation is beautiful because it teaches you a lot of things, like compassion for yourself and others if you let it be and trust in the process. There is always help by your side to support you in this, since we are all in this together. Rest for now and you will feel better in a little while.”


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