1:1 Sessions (online & in person)

Freedom - Exploration - Connection

In a 1:1 session we can explore these and other topics that arise in the present moment. Sessions are unique and tailored to your needs and guided by spirit. I do not have a script. Spirit (sorta) does. :)

  • Embodying your true self
  • Living a life from the heart, guided by spirit
  • Expressing vulnerability
  • Being with what is
  • Self-love & acceptance
  • Exploring deep connection to oneself and others
  • Changing perception and opening up to new ways of seeing situations
  • Reconnecting with presence
  • Finding clarity and balance
  • Taking inspired actions



  • This is an intuitive deep dive, flowing freely, guided by spirit. You enter a safe container of presence where you are invited to express your authentic truth, without being judged. Whatever arises is welcome to be seen and released. I will sit with you, listen, and reflect back to you the words that spontaneously arise from a deeper space. I won't tell you what to do. I am here to guide you back to your own source of wisdom, the part you that knows the answers and leads to inspired action in aligned flow with the universe.


  • At some point during our session, I will sing in light language for you, reminding you of your true essence, helping you to access your own source connection. You do not need to understand the words, this healing goes beyond the analytical mind. Just relax and let the soothing and healing sounds wash over you.

People have described this process as deeply rejuvenating and cleansing. Possible outcomes: Images and new ideas flow to you, you feel clarity about the next step, you feel more at peace and at ease with yourself.

You will feel embraced by the universe, knowing you are carried by something bigger than yourself.


You probably have heard about the tribe in Africa where they sing to someone who has lost their path. Instead of punishment, they shower them with love and remind them of what is good about them so they can access it again in themselves. Sometimes, that is all we need. Someone who listens, sees us, and accepts us unconditionally, so we can take the next step to change from deep within ourselves, from love, not fear.

Sound can reach you a lot deeper than mere words and get you breakthroughs beyond your thinking mind. That is why I love to combine both modalities.


Request a 1:1 Session

  • I offer both, single sessions and ongoing support - whatever feels guided
  • Online Sessions are done via Skype or Facebook Call
  • I also travel to places and give Sessions to people that host me


How to get in touch:

  • Best way to go about this is to write me a message via my website, add me to Facebook and we will start to connect via a few short voice messages on Facebook messenger to see if we are a match. My FB name is Caro Nobles. 
  • If you do not use Facebook, just write me an email.

Client love

"I've experienced SAFE & SOUND. There is nothing else like it!! It is beyond amazing. One of the best gifts you could ever allow yourself to receive."

- Katie, USA


"Carolin embodies a very strong presence, light and touching awareness. In our session, I felt truly seen by her. All the veils, masks and constructs around me dissolved in the light of true presence. I feel that her soul is here on this Earth to assist others in true presencing, expressing their authentic truth and reclaiming their soul voice. I felt like she is a portal into the beauty of death, where what wasn’t able to disintegrate on its own, became undone in her presence. Something was transformed within in the process. She reminded me gently of the beauty of disintegration, and the portal of death as a rebirthing of the new. She has travelled this journey deeply within herself, and is capable of guiding others through the thresholds of their life. Thank you Caro, this session was deeply transformative and your authentic being touches me."


~ Nicole Hemmer, Canada, Transformational Life Coach

Why do I like holding space and giving sessions?

Because I love to free flow and explore consciousness. Because I love to give people the space to be vulnerably seen and heard with what is present. Because I see myself in them and it gives me the opportunity to love myself. As we are all one and the same in different types and shades. 


One vital point I have discovered is that sharing is there to explore, and also it is necessary to come from a place where you are ready to see things differently and let them go. Then it is very healing to let things come up, be heard and released.

Sharing just for the sake of wallowing in emotions and wanting to hold on to victimhood and false beliefs are not so beneficial, neither for the one who shares, nor for the one who receives that energetic vibration.


When I was doing sessions like 3 years ago, I would just listen and nod my head. All is well, all is okay, I understand. I thought better not upset anybody, because I thought of my false concept of what love means.

Now I am more fierce to call BS out. I'm not mean. But things need to be said and pointed to. It can be done gently, most of all. But I no longer work with people who are unwilling to question every single belief they hold. You need to be willing and ready for change. Otherwise it is just loading energy off. And that might have its place elsewhere, but not in my field.


Funny how I started to see that boundaries actually lead to deeper intimacy because what you say is what you truly mean and feel. It isn't glossing over in a all-is-well-manner when you are upset with the other from this people pleasing tendency and never saying a word that is true for you but don't even dare to bring that up because you think there is no way you can expose yourself in that role as a facilitator.


Life is teaching me a whole new way of facilitating. I don't need to pretend I know more, or I am better. And neither do I need to pretend to be all soft and powerless. I am blessed to learn from the best teachers out there. I am blessed to be taught by facing my own fears and pain and illusions and unravelling them.

Beautiful journey unfolding, pointing me back into strength. True strength, that is centered and connected to the heart.

I am willing to show up for you and me.

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