Intuitive Guidance & Healing Presence

1:1 Online Sessions to explore greater Self-Love, Authenticity & Clarity

Dear beautiful soul! Have you ever sat in someones presence and felt truly seen, understood and appreciated, just as you are?

I am inviting you to go on a journey with me, into your inner landscape.

To dive deep into your being, your body, beyond who you think you are, to return to your true self. To truly feel that you are what you have been looking for all along. To befriend yourself. To find peace in challenging circumstances.

I will sit with you, hold space and deeply listen and receive even the finest details of your experience. In being witnessed with loving presence, things can shift and healing can occur. Not through fixing or making anything wrong but by embracing those tender parts and valuing their wisdom.


I invite you to bring all of you to the table, your light and your darkness.

Your joy, your passion, your desires and your shadow, your fears and insecurities.

Nothing needs to remain hidden. It is welcome here with me in the sacred space. 


Let’s gently explore deep rooted conditioning and patterns. Let's make the unconscious conscious. Let's see through what might be holding you back and causing suffering. 


Let me be your guide and hold you in a safe, compassionate and sacred space to unwind and get in touch with yourself in a deeper way to return to wholeness.

  • Each journey is bespoke and unique, not scripted.
  • Sound healing will be part of our sessions - I will sing for you and you might want to use your voice as well for part of the session.
  • Energy work and intuitive movement are part of this. I trust the wisdom of the body.
  • I will listen, hold you in loving presence and give you reflections on your sharings.
  • I will guide you back to yourself and your own inner knowing. Because you have the answers deep inside and learning to develop and trust your intuition is key.

I will help you remember your wings. It is up to you to fly.


Choose your path

 Option #1

Voicemail support


Voicemail / texting support via Whatsapp or Telegram


 250€ / 280 USD per month 

Option #2

1:1 Sessions


1 hour Skype session


120€ / 150 USD


4 Sessions Bundle
440€ / 500 USD


6 Sessions Bundle
600€ / 660 USD


Option #3

The journey

  • two one hour sessions per month
  • + voicemail / texting support in between sessions
  • a healing song created just for you (you receive a new song every month)

500€ / 550 USD per month 



 If finances are challenging for you right now,

please reach out and let me know what you would be comfortable paying.


Apply to work 1:1 with me

Do you feel in your heart you want to dive deep and co-create this journey with me?

Please reach out! Let’s get to know each other and if we are a good fit!


Please answer the following questions (ideally type them in a text editing software and then copy them into the field below):

  • Could you please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences, who you are, what you are doing, what your intention is? Do you have a FB or Instagram account / website?
  • How did you find me? (Youtube, FB, recommendation of a friend)?
  • What is your biggest challenge and what is your biggest desire?
  • Why do you feel I am the right person for you to work with?
  • Where are you located (so I can check your time zone) and what would be some good times for you to connect? (I am located in Germany, Europe and am only available for sessions in the afternoon and evening, so that would be morning or early afternoon in the US)


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Give thanks & send me a love offering!

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